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Skin can look and feel smoother and tighter with microneedling.

If you want to review non-surgical options to treat facial wrinkles scars, and improve the overall appearance of your skin, Dr. Chilukuri’s Houston, TX dermatology practice can help with a multitude of options to choose from; there is something for everyone. Lutronic’s Infini is a skin rejuvenation procedure that can improve the look of wrinkles, acne scars, and can help with the improvement of your overall skin texture.

About Infini from Refresh Dermatology


Lutronic’s Infini Radiofrequency Microneedling places micro coagulation zones, which is a technical way of saying that it stimulates new collagen and elastin on the face and other parts of the body, such as the neck, hands, and more. Collagen and elastin are both responsible for making your skin look and feel great but as we age, of course these levels decrease. Microneedling with Infini can stimulate this process and as your skin repairs itself after the minimally invasive procedure, it can begin to take years off the look of your skin.

Many people appreciate not only the results you can get for smoother and more youthful-looking skin from this procedure, but there’s minimal downtime and discomfort. Most patients can begin wearing make-up again in about 24 hours.

Choose Dr. Suneel Chilukuri in Houston, TX for Infini Microneedling Treatments 


Dr. Chilukuri makes individual recommendations based on a variety of factors and would be more than happy to offer you a personalized consultation so that you can work with him to determine whether or not Infini Microneedling is right for you. This option is typically a great option for people of all skin types and skin tones. Dr. Chilukuri is a Houston dermatologic surgeon with an excellent track record of happy patients.

Whether you want to minimize the look of wrinkles or scars or would like to tighten skin overall on the face, hands, neck, or elsewhere, feel free to call our Houston, TX office for a consultation at 713.344.0450. Feel free to check out our before and after photos of microneedling and other procedures, too, to see some of the excellent results patients of Refresh Dermatology have experienced.

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