Choose the Right Dr. for a C-Lift (Liquid Facelift)

Liquid Facelifts | Dr. Suneel Chilukuri

[fusion_text]In places like Houston, C-Lift (Liquid Facelift) are all the rage because of the fact that you can shave years off your look without having to go under the knife. Many people see this as lowering their risk of complications as a result of a traditional facelift.

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C-Lift (Liquid Facelift): Facial Fillers

Facial fillers offer a minimally invasive treatment with no sutures, no downtime. C-Lifts (Liquid Facelifts) are increasing in popularity throughout the country and beyond because after a quick appointment you can see a marked difference in the look of your face. Lines and wrinkles are filled and the face looks younger, less saggy, and healthier. Unfortunately, not all doctors who offer this aesthetic treatment have the same set of skills. As a result, there have been a several scenarios where patients have had unwanted side effects. C-Lifts (liquid facelifts) need to be done by a qualified physicians who understands facial vessels, nerves, muscles, and other facial anatomy to properly perform this skilled procedure.

In a recently reported case in Vancouver, BC, blindness after a C-lift (liquid facelift) received negative publicity. While such untoward outcomes have been rare, you want to choose a physician to avoid such adverse side effects. Injectable fillers offer great natural-looking outcomes. A skilled dermatologic surgeon can safely perform this procedure, thereby giving you extraordinary results.

It’s vitally important for people to thoroughly research not only the risk factors of a particular medical or cosmetic procedure, but also the experience of the doctor they choose. As more and more physicians offer new procedures to help people who want to look more youthful, more people than ever see that not all doctors are equal. With an increase in popularity for this procedure, many people are concerned about being a patient of a clinic with poor quality standards and that is why it is essential that you do a bit of research before choosing a Houston dermatologic surgeon for your C-Lift (liquid facelift).

Choosing an Experienced C-Lift (Liquid Facelift) Doctor

Taking the time to find an experienced Houston dermatologist with an excellent track record with C-lifts (liquid facelifts) can help you put your mind at ease about working with a dermatologist who is well-versed in this procedure. While you do not need to be put have general anesthesia for or require cutting or sewing, the C-lift (liquid facelift) does require full knowledge of a complex area of the body with many nerves and blood vessels.

Researching Houston dermatologists before a C-lift (liquid facelift), including reading reviews, researching the doctor’s background, checking before and after photos of C-lifts (liquid facelifts), and talking to a doctor for a consultation can help you find the best doctor to help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Chilukuri does not simply perform C-lifts (liquid facelifts) in his Houston dermatology clinic, Refresh Dermatology. He acutally trains plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and other dermatologists about this advanced aesthetic procedure. Dr. Chilukuri achieves phenomenal results and he would be happy to meet with you to help you exploreC-lifts (liquid facelifts) and other aesthetic procedures to help you look your best.[/fusion_text]